• TEAC VRDS-701 CD Player

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    The VRDS-701 CD player employs a newly-developed VRDS mechanism and a TEAC original discrete DAC.
    The VRDS is a TEAC-original CD drive mechanism that reduces rotation vibration and other unwanted vibration
    by clamping the CD to an aluminum turntable with the same diameter in order to maximize inertial mass.

    Furthermore, instead of an ordinary DAC IC for the DAC section, which is crucial to audio quality,
    the VRDS-701 has a TEAC ΔΣ (delta-sigma) discrete DAC that incorporates our unique algorithms in a discrete circuit.

    Unconstrained by conventional CD player definitions, the VRDS-701 is enhanced with future-forward functionality.
    The ability to play MQA CDs using full MQA decoding capabilities and support for 22.5MHz DSD and
    384kHz/32-bit PCM formats as a USB DAC are some of the features that make it more than just a CD player.


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