• Wireworld Luna 8 (Subwoofer Interconnect)

    Subwoofer 1 RCA to 2 RCA Interconnect Cable – 4 metre



    With Oxygen-Free Copper conductors in Wireworld’s new Tri DNA Helix cable design, Luna 8 provides superior impact and expressive dynamics, while the superior COMPOSILEX 3 insulation improves focus and clarity.


    DESIGN                                   DNA Helix®

    SIGNAL CONDUCTORS Qty:       2 (8 strands)    Gauge: 25AWG |  0.16 sq. mm

    CONDUCTOR MATERIAL            Oxygen-Free Copper

    INSULATION                            COMPOSILEX 3

    PLUG CONTACTS                         24K gold-plated

    NOTE                                     SIM (2 RCA to  1 RCA)



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