• Ortofon 2M red (MM Cartridge)

    Moving Magnet Cartridge

    2M Red is an all-purpose cartridge that delivers open, dynamic sound with a slight touch of warmth.

    We have optimized the design for ease of mounting the cartridge, and the weight and size to fit the most common turntables on the market today. The 2M Series provides excellentcompatibility when used in an assortment of playback systems and with a wide variety of
    phono preamps.

    Free Delivery (West Malaysia Only)

  • Ortofon MC20 Super SE (MC Cartridge)

    Moving Coil Cartridge

    Limited – 200 units worldwide. The classic cartridge, which was first introduced 35 years ago, has been recognized as one of the first MC-cartridges that combined a relatively high compliance with a smooth, and yet extended frequency response.

    The MC 20 Super of 2010 anno supplied mounted on a high-quality adjustable aluminum headshell. The supplied headshell will allow a correct alignment on the Ortofon tonearm series with standard headshell connector.

    The MC 20 Super can also be used on most tonearms with fixed headshell.

    Free Delivery (West Malaysia Only)

  • Ortofon OM 5e(MM Cartridge)

    Moving Magnet Cartridge

    The new Ortofon OM 5 series is the lowest-mass range of moving magnet cartridges offered by Ortofon.

    The OM cartridges bodies have been designed to provide easy mounting and alignment on both top mount and bottom mount headshells.

    The OM 5 Series provides excellent compatibility when used in an assortment of playback systems and with a wide variety of phono preamps.

    Free Delivery (West Malaysia Only)

  • Ortofon Quintet Black (MC Cartridge)

    Moving Coils Cartridge

    The Quintet Black S is the best example of Quintet’s overall excellence The Quintet Black S is graced with a Nude Shibata diamond, considered one of the best stylus profiles available, mounted on a high-performance Sapphire cantilever. The Shibata’s slim, highly polished profile allows an exceedingly wide contact area to the walls of the groove and ensures detailed and pure reproduction throughout the spectrum, including even the most high frequency groove information.

    Free Delivery (West Malaysia Only)

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